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Here you can buy cheap organic cannabis seeds, collected from the mountains at different locations. The price is 30usd for 3g (200seeds) + shipping cost.  All profit will be spent to help poor farmers in the regions where seeds are collected through education in permaculture and simple farming equipment donations.

write an e-mail( remember to write your address and the quantity you need.

Organic cannabis seeds (Red Libanon Yamouni) 3g:
1 bag contains 3g (approx 200seeds) 30usd
This variety has been growing for centuries in Lebanon mountains 1,4km above sea level. The strain has a fair part of CBD, once consumed gives a joyful feeling and relaxes the body.
Grows: Greenhouse, indoors and out doors.
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Harvest Month: If planted near equator late September


  1. Anonymous25.4.14

    Stay Cool, Stay Green, and Stay Inspired...

  2. Anonymous25.6.14

    I want some? Nice to keep the Landrace Strains Around...

  3. are these seeds suitable for selective breeding ?

  4. put me on your mailing list!

  5. They have been stored at optimal conditions in a commercial fridge so its highly likely the seeds are perfectly viable. marijuana seeds

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