We are share cannabis seeds cooperative, our aim is to create a community seed bank where we can share seeds or buy/sell for very cheap prices. We are working on a system where it will be possible for collectors to exchange seeds on the webpage.
Collectors who have just started may be overwhelmed by the many varieties that companies offer on the internet, with fancy names, ‘mythical’ histories and extortionate prices. These seeds that one can purchase are actually a result of breeding just a few classic varieties that are found in the nature. However in nature thousands of varieties exist wildly, which are usually impossible to purchase. The strains that exist in nature have acclimatized to their natural environment and are usually a result of decades (some places centuries) of natural in-breeding/ open-air pollination with only the strongest surviving, resulting in stronger plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases.

Are the "new" strains stronger?

Anyone who states that the cannabis of today is stronger than yesteryear is dreaming. The pot they smoked in the tea pads of Harlem in the 1920's-30's was much better than any concocted strains today! Dr. Frankenbeanstein with the help of Rob Clarke, Mel Frank, Ed Rosenthal, Milla engineered the largest misinformation ripoff campaign in Cannabis history, that only diluted the original Ice Water technique by attaching the ancient dry seiving method, to confuse the origin of the now patented Ice Water Method. Attaching this seiving technique to the Ice Water method, enabled them to sell Nylon at wedding dress prices, but makes no sense! Due to their scam most of the bag product is no progress since it contains more fiber than old style quality dry seived Hash and lost taste and aroma!
In the Soumi LaValle book on hashish, you see first hand the seiving technique used by a Lebanese family in Baalbek , the different screening process is shown in it’s entirety, from that book came the idea for bags. In a dry seive you don’t release oils, so the naturals terepenes are in the hash, which is sticky. The bag technique releases the oils but only collects broken pieces of resin akin to kief not hash! The Lebanese women doing the seiving, could out perform 1000 people using bags. It wasn’t a revolutionary technique in hash making it was backward steps!(http://www.cannabisfarmer.com/web/node/39)

Seed diversity

It is important for everyone to understand that the reason that there exist thousands of varieties in nature, diversity is key for plant to survive pest and diseases. Without seed diversity, climate change or plant disease can decimate the plants.
In the USA, 90 percent of historic fruit and vegetable varieties have vanished. In the Philippines thousands of varieties of rice are now shrunk to a few hundred. China has lost perhaps 90 percent of wheat varieties. This former diversity was the result of more than 10,000 years of domestication. An example is the Irish potato famine. In the late 16th century, the potato was brought to Europe from its ancestral home in the Andes mountains. In Ireland a variety known as Lumper became the dominant food crop. In 1845, spores of Phytophthora infestans caused a black rot in Lumper potatoes and resulted in widespread starvation.
It is crucial for our generation to start collecting wild seeds so that when one day cannabis will be legalized there will be a diversity of seeds to prevent above mentioned problems. Specially taking the fact that people are focusing on few varieties into consideration and that seed and biotech companies are patenting the genetics of cannabis.
Even though mono culture is a very widespread idea. Farmers that grow cannabis and use many different strains on the same field still are producing highest quality products.


Do not buy feminized seeds!

The seed companies desperate try to monopolize the cannabis industry by making people dependent on their feminized seeds so that people cant produce their own seeds! By selling the seeds very expensive they create the market for feminized seeds as people want to be sure they have femaile plants now that they are paying so much for few seeds. However this trend has slowly taken over the normal seed traid and now its becoming harder to buy normal seeds. Feminized seeds make growing dependent on the Seed companies rather than spreading a wild plant and its abundant seeds. We believe this trend must be oposed as it is negative and could have unreparible consiquences in the future.

The idea of “feminized” seeds is heralded as a new wave of breeding enabling you to grow only females, but in reality it is a less reliable and less effective method than simply cloning your favorite plant. There are several ways how cannabis feminized seeds are produced:
Using silver nitrates to create a hemi plant. Or “Hermaphroditic breeding” Females can switch sex when they were stressed, resulting in accidental cross breeding – female plants are pollinated by females that developed male sex organs (hermaphrodites). Once seeds are grown from these plants the ratio of females to males was skewed to a greater number of females. Other methods are also possible like Gibberellic acid, light stress, pH stress, and fertilizer stress. GMO method is where you can change the genetics on the plant to only produce female.


"At this time it seems unlikely that a plant patent would be awarded for a pure-breeding strain of drug Cannabis. In the future, however, with the legalization of cultivation, it is a certainty that corporations with the time, space, and money to produce pure and hybrid strains of Cannabis will apply for patents. It may be legal to grow only certain patented strains produced by large seed companies. Will this be how Government and industry combine to control the quality and quantity of "drug" Cannabis?" (Clarke in Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study (1981)p.38)

“At a 1997 Vancouver Hemp conference, David Watson(Dr Frankenbeanstein) spoke of his research. His main focus was to stop growers from cloning nor being able to create any seeds from strains being bred in Amsterdam. The funding for this research came partially from the Dutch Government, the rest from the DEA. Watson had been busted for growing in Santa Cruz California on March-20-1985 and resurfaced in Amsterdam to start his seed company Cultivator’s Choice. DEA supported the Watsons application for a license to grow for research in Holland, even though they should have been extraditing him back to Cali for his 1985 Santa Cruz grow bust! DEA endorsement was so strong that he was the first to be granted a permit in Holland when several universities and domestic research groups with PHD’s and legitimate reasons for research were denied! The Dutch government even supplied three greenhouses for Watson to do his heinous experiments, while normal Dutch growers lost all of their equipment and had to serve murder-like sentences at that time! Dutch seed companies have become the Monsanto of the cannabis seed industry, and hope to make us all seed junkies at $20 a seed.!” (http://www.cannabisfarmer.com/web/node/39) another nice writing regarding this subject on the web: (http://www.mrnice.nl/forum/4-talk-shantibaba-mrnice/4584-corporate-take-over.html)

In July 1998, Speaking at the International Cannabinoid Research Society conference in Montpellier, Dr Geoffrey W Guy, Chairman of GW Pharmaceuticals, said that HortaPharm will provide GW with exclusive access to its entire range of cannabis varieties for the development of medicines. The worldwide rights acquired by GW for an undisclosed sum cover varieties grown to date with certain exceptions and all varieties to be bred in the future. Plant registrations arising from the Dutch breeding program will be owned by GW pharmaceutical.

Consiquences of feminized seeds:

Besides the fact that peple will become totally dependent on seed companies, the concern that should be made aware is that natural male plants and their pollen will be moving out of production in lure of chemically treated female inbreeding. This will cause repercussions with breeding in the long run and possibly cause serious diseases or infertility to future generations. At this stage there are no long term studies so it is impossible to foresee or predict. The future repercussions of serious diseases and infertility, based on the increasingly popular trend of feminized seed is not something one should take lightly when dealing with a plant that, prior to the feminized seed trend, was successful in spreading itself across the globe for thousands of years via means of natural male to female sexual reproduction.
Hortapharms connections runs deep in to the marijuana industry itself in connection with cornering the Dutch cannabis seed industry and ultimately providing lines of alleged highly select varieties through the feminization seed trend in an effort to stifle the global cannabis seed trade with varieties of cannabis which may open the door for genetic bottlenecking through means of inbreeding depression, which may also lead to serious diseases and even infertility later down the line!
With the increasing demand for feminized seed, which leads to intersexed or hermaphroditic varieties which can theoretically easily pollinate localized and indigenous populations of cannabis through anemophily, the opportunity for agricultural interest to then seize control over crops accidentally or otherwise pollinated by genetically patented strains becomes another tool in which corporative interest use to further monopolize an already shrinking gene pool. A reality which has already played itself out in courtrooms across Middle America with other popular agricultural crops such as maze, where cultivators are sued and suffer financial hardship due to the discovery of genes on their property from crops protected by genetic patent which one way or another managed to find themselves into the seed these unsuspecting farmers used to plant their garden or farm with that season. So Just say no to feminized seed! (David Watson and HortaPharm)

Why this is happening?:

We live in a very interesting point in time that will lay the foundation for the future of the Cannabis plant. The Cannabis legalization movement has become divided into 2 main groups of interest:
1. Consists of most people in the grassroots movement. They are sincere in that they would like to see Cannabis absolutely legalized and free for all to access.
2. Consist of the most powerful individuals and corporations in the world. international banks, military intelligence, petro-chemical industries, pharmaceutical monopolies.
Especially transnational bio-tech seed companies whose main goal is to corner the Cannabis market and build a patent monopoly over every aspect of Cannabis from plant varieties, medicinal compounds, to even Cannabinoid ratio’s and breeding techniques. Further control is being intentionally implemented by disseminating patented varieties of the Cannabis species that have been artificially manipulated to genetically block the reproduction of seeds, protecting genetic copyrights and forcing growers to be dependent on a seed monopoly. Government and industry are working together to control and regulate the Cannabis species through a process of prohibition, regulatory, tax and licensing schemes, artificial plant breeding, Genetic Engineering, and patent monopolies.
The legalization movement has been heavily financed by major shareholders in the global bio-tech seed patent industry, this has fueled a trend far removed from legalization, and heavily towards an absolute private corporate monopoly of the Cannabis genome.
The feminized seed phenomena is being fueled by two incentives, one is the pressure put on growers through strict prohibition and regulation of Cannabis cultivation, the other is to block the reproduction of seeds to protect genetic copyrights in patented varieties (gmocannabiswatch.blogspot.dk)

The male plant will always be your friend. A male plant can be harvested before pollenization and you can control your pollen. Imagine taking one branch of a great plant and fertilizing it? You get several hundred perfect seeds for free and enjoy your harvest.


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